Periodical checks for Monitoring and Protection Systems

A vibration monitoring and protection system is the most important device for the mechanical protection of rotating machines. This protection must - like other protection units also - be periodically checked for proper function.
It is generally recommended to repeat this function controls after 3-5 years to ensure that the protection of the machine works properly in the event of an incident and additionally the maintenance obligation is confirmed.
For a functional check of a vibration monitoring / protection system it is tested by means of a shaker and micrometer whether

  • the signals from the measuring probe arrive up to the control system properly
  • the probes detect the vibration signals correctly
  • the measuring ranges are linearly
  • the processing of vibration information corresponds with the configuration (programming) and the alarm settings

For this purpose the machine must be stationary. If necessary, repairs, corrections, readjustment or replacements of defect parts will be (if possible) made directly. The work will be always carried out in agreement with the customer.

You want a check of your vibration monitoring / protection system? We are happy to create the ideal offer for you.